Gamma Technologies

ESI Group is associated with Gamma Technologies through its distributor and technical support relationship that GT had with Pacific Mindware (Now ESI-Mindware) for many years.  Being the prime distributors of GT-SUITE in India, ESI delivers solutions to various industries with the leading multi-physics CAE simulation software.


Gamma Technologies (GT) is the leading multi-physics CAE simulation software with over 600 organizations using GT-SUITE around the world.  GT-SUITE includes a complete library of physics based modeling templates covering fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. In addition, higher level modeling templates are available that have been designed for certain specialized applications. GT-SUITE applications include powertrain, engine, vehicles of any type, driveline, transmission, hybrids, exhaust aftertreatment chemistry, acoustics, cooling and thermal management and HVAC, hydraulics, fuel systems, lubrication, chain, gear and belt drives, etc.

GT is dedicated to building the most advanced system simulation tools, complemented with carefully designed software solutions that provide major productivity improvements for its customers.

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