Predict asset failure, prevent quality issues and improve operational processes

The Manufacturing Industry is facing today strategic challenges related to the evolution of its production processes.

With a higher level of complexity, it is proving difficult to understand what is happening in the production line and how to make optimization. In addition, the need for flexibility is growing with multi-use machines as well as with the high level of product customization now required. Subsequently engineers must ensure that the process is cost-effective by taking into account the impacts of defects, scrap rates or the over consumption of resources & energy.

Big Data technologies applied on production data brings Industries to the next level in term of reliability and flexibility of their processes.

  • Increase OEE by avoiding unexpected machines downtime
  • Identify earlier potential quality deviation and reduce scrap rate
  • Enhancing Maintenance Strategies from Preventive to Predictive

IoT Analytic Solution for Manufacturing, ESIminesetlogoQuality and Maintenance Operations

ESI MINESET offers an intuitive user interface enable Industrial Experts navigate through Descriptive Statistics, Advanced Data Visualizations and Data Correlation functions based on Machine Learning Algorithms.

No need to be a Data Scientist expert. Operational Stakeholders can make better decisions based on real industrial knowledge that leads to more accurate and efficient results – all with zero coding.


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