Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2020

DATE : June 16th to 18th 2020
PLACE : Stuttgart, GERMANY
BOOTH : AV6426

Sensing, Connecting and Reporting for a Safer Driving Experience

In the race to bring electric, autonomous and connected vehicles to the marketplace, get your next concept to market faster by using virtual prototyping solutions with state-of-the-art, physics-based simulation tools. Design your next vehicle by making smarter decisions, validating product performance without real prototypes.

Key Topics

  • Make critical design decisions early in the system development cycle
  • Enable “Agile” development and continuous Verification & Validation
  • Enhance system performance by covering standard and critical environment conditions
  • Reduce development costs by limiting usage of prototypes and test campaigns
  • Integrate user experience in your design choice and improve acceptability 

Meet our experts at Booth AV6426 and join us for our presentations.




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