Digital Manufacturing With ESI

(8th Sept - 8th Oct 2020)

8 September 2020 - 8 October 2020
Prafull Wani
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Smart Manufacturing for the Solids with ESI’s Casting and Heat Treatment Solution
8th Sept 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Casting simulation helps industrial manufacturers and foundries comply with new and increasingly stringent market expectations and achieve the highest quality and productivity possible. ESI ProCAST / QuikCAST enables foundries to predict casting defects early-on, improve the design and process, without the need for costly physical try-out, achieving lower scrap rates and delivering quality parts in a consistent way.

ESI’s heat treatment solution with ESI SYSWELD enables industrial experts to simulate for different process condition to get optimum output for heat treatment operation in terms of residual stress, dimensional shrinkage and metallurgical properties.

This webinar from ESI is dedicated to showcase technological advancement, Road map of the product Success story presentation, and how industries can take the advantage of these.



Key points:

  1. New developments in 2020 version
  2. CO Design Module
  3. Customer Success story
  4. Heat Treatment simulations for process optimization


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Badarinath Kalkunte

Market Strategy & Business Development Manager for ESI Group’s casting solutions

Manjunath T.M

Business Development Manager - Casting Solutions

Aseem Anshul

Solution Manager - Joining, Assembly & Heat Treatment

Virtual Reality: Human-Centric Product & Process Validation
17th Sept 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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ESI Group’s IC.IDO virtual reality solution brings value with its in-built real-time physics engine and Human-Centric approach to effectively allow decision-makers across various industries to perform 1:1 experiential discovery and validation of their products and processes, virtually, to significantly reduce risks to operator safety, improve on time delivery, repeatable quality, and ultimately improve product profitability.. Stake-holders and engineers now ably interact, assess and further bridge process-gaps during early product development phases, to contribute also organization’s specific KPIs and goals of shorter development time, cost reduction, quality and safety. Virtual Reality is the most promising technology for engineering design and manufacturing feasibility validation with IC.IDO.


Key topics:

  1. Product & Process VR Validation (Product Integration | Assembly & Service process validation | Human-factors)
  2. OEM Success story presentation -Digital VR Demonstration - HMD
  3. Virtual Reality Hardware – Powerwall Systems

Eric Kam

Manufacturing Business Channel Marketing and Alliances Director

Bharath IG

Solution Manager – HUMAN-CENTRIC

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Smart Manufacturing for the Panels with ESI’s Stamping, Welding and Assembly Solution
22nd Sept 2020, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (2 hrs session)

There is nothing worse than completing your first physical tryout only to realize that your part suffers from springback, wrinkles, or the weld distortions or maybe even that you didn’t estimate how many tools or fixtures you would need to make the part from the beginning. These errors and the changes will be costly when made this late in the process. Virtual simulations hand holds the domain experts in curbing such challenges. Inline to that ESI offers a band of solutions in smart manufacturing of the panels as ESI PAM-STAMP and ESI SYSWELD.

ESI’s Smart Manufacturing solutions assist domain experts to develop and validate key manufacturing and joining processes, virtually, to assure production capability of parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for all sheet metal parts, simple to complex, conventional steel to advanced lightweight sheet metals.

Leverage the Advantage of this Webinar - Key Takeaways for Industry Experts:

  1. Eliminate the cost of expensive prototypes associated with New-Gen materials and Processes
  2. Distortion control while managing Multi-Material mix and stringent tolerances
  3. Minimize potential trade-off of Product quality, cost and use of available resources
  4. Experience assembly/sub-assembly in advance stage by validating proposed manufacturing process efficiency in the early stage of product design
  5. Be part of upcoming future developments – Journey towards Product Excellence

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Mark Vrolijk

Senior Industry Marketing & Business Development Manager

Dr. Saurabh Aggarwal

Market Strategy & Business Development Manager, Manufacturing Business Channel

Adwait Pande

Solution Manager – Sheet Metal Forming

Aseem Anshul

Solution Manager - Joining, Assembly & Heat Treatment

Bharath IG

Solution Manager – HUMAN-CENTRIC

Smart Manufacturing of Composite and Plastic applications With ESI's Composite Solution
24th Sept 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Virtual manufacturing of Composite and Plastic components in Automotive, Aero, and Defense applications. The transition from IC Engines to battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) generates substantial challenges for the design process in the Auto industry. Similarly increased dependency for lightweight composite components with structural durability is a key way forward in the Aero sector. Combat machinery and other defense application also strongly aids the use of lightweight composite material for its various applications.

Auto, Aero, and Defense makers strive to reach their goals for extending the range of electrified vehicles, combat vehicles, and flight maneuverability without sacrificing the strength, stiffness, or performance of the manufactured components. The objective is to thrive OE’s and Suppliers towards light-weighting technology thereby making use of composites and plastics helping them to maintain the cost-effectiveness along with the compatibility for mass production. Virtual manufacturing plays a pivotal role to understand pain points, manufacturability, and design changes if required through simulation thereby reducing the scrap rate and labor time.

Join us as we discuss the Virtual Manufacturing solution for Composite and Plastics, ESI Software has to offer in order to reduce weight and time to get it right for the very first time during the manufacturing process.

David Prono

Smart Manufacturing – Composites Solution Manager

Rakshith B.H

Specialist - Composites Solution